Guthrey Coy

About Guthrey Coy

My name is Guthrey Coy and I created Beings of Light to serve others on their sacred paths in life. I am a Shaman trained to work with the spirits of the Munay Ki and a master Akashic Records practitioner. I use my unique skill set to provide information, clarity, healing, and to facilitate transformation for my clients. There is nothing in this world that brings me greater joy and satisfaction in life then being able to serve others through Shamanism & the Akashic Records.

I have always been a deeply spiritual person and have had a heightened awareness of my intuitive senses. I have spent much of my life studying spirituality, philosophy, and personal development and am passionate about supporting others in their personal growth and transformation. Through my own personal growth journey, I have found two very powerful tools that I use on a daily basis – the Akashic Records and Shamanism. My use of these two modalities together has proven to be quite powerful and sets me apart from others in my trade.

In 2011, a near death experience showed me very clearly the true power of my words and focus. I was very depressed at the state of the world and was giving my power away to the external. My depression led me to pray for an accident to take my life. Several weeks later, that moment came while I was riding my motorcycle on a dirt road at highway speeds and lost traction which sent me into a boulder and launched me into a tree. In the last few milliseconds before I hit the boulder, I knew that this was the accident I had prayed for and spoke in my mind’s eye “NOT YET!”. When I came to, just seconds later, my motorcycle was hanging from the tree and was pointing directly at my face. I was ecstatic to be alive and knew that I had chosen to live. I vowed that with my second chance at life I would cherish every moment and find and live my true purpose. I used my new found discovery about the power of my words and focus to heal my body and propel me into the life of my dreams! Using this awareness I have manifested my dream wife, dream home, massive abundance, and my true purpose in life – to serve others through Shamanism & the Akashic Records.

My drive for personal and spiritual growth after my accident eventually led me to Akashic Records and Shamanism courses. While I was training to be a Shaman I found several objects from my childhood that absolutely blew my mind. As a child, I had carried a small Native American pouch everywhere with me that was stuffed with crystals and a pendant of a jaguar and treasured a Peruvian Shaman’s rattle. I carried the stones with me because they made me feel powerful. However, I learned in my training that Peruvian Shamans use a tool called chumpi stones which are carried in little pouches and are intimately connected to the wisdom and power of the spirits. Also, the spirit of the jaguar is fundamental to Peruvian Shamanism. These connections to my innate knowing as a child were an amazing gift from my soul. I later learned that in a past life I was a Shaman in Machu Picchu and have chosen to raise my own vibration and the vibrations of others in several lifetimes.

I love serving people with Shamanism & the Akashic Records and hope I can be of deep service to you on your sacred journey in life!