March 2nd 2022 (Pisces)

This Gong Healing was guided by the Akashic Records and the spirits of the Munay Ki to help you set intentions around the energy in the heavens and bring deep healing to your mind, body, and soul! **Best Enjoyed with Headphones**

The new moon on March 2nd 2022 sits squarely in Pisces, the dreamer/mystic/idealistic. While sometimes pisces energy has trouble finding direction or turning the dreams into reality, there are countless other planetary bodies in alignment that are boosting the energy of this new moon to empower us to be able to take BIG action! Mars (drive, assertiveness, expenditure of energy), Pluto (transformation, passion, intensity), and Venus (beauty, romance, what/how you love) are in conjunction in the sky which allows their energy to be blended together and to enhance each other. So the drive and assertiveness of Mars is helping us create transformation with great passion for the things we love and wish to see grow! There is big time energy in this new moon.

New moons and full moons are very powerful events that bless us every 2 weeks. However, much like fish who are unaware of the water they swim in, most people are generally unaware of the shifting energy of the moon and heavenly bodies and how they affect us. In the ocean, waves cause physical changes due to the shifting water pressure. Astrologically, the shifting energy of our planetary brothers and sisters cause mental, emotional, and spiritual changes to occur in our bodies. What if we could ride these planetary “waves” and use the energy that is present to transform our lives instead of just being tossed around in the current? That is the intention we will be holding for these monthly gong healings.

The gong is a beautiful instrument that is able to resonate at an immeasurable amount of frequencies. This creates a dynamic landscape of sound that is unique for every healing. As the sound of the gong washes over you, it will create dynamic shifts within your body. Much like how the astrological energy is mostly subconscious, gong healings occur mostly subconsciously within the listener as well. This makes sound healings one of the best ways to heal subconscious patterns because you don’t need to consciously experience their energy to get the full benefit.

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